50th Anniversary



The Royal Ceremonial Emblem on the 50th Anniversary of His Majesty the King's Accession to the Throne or the Golden Jubilee, 9 June 1996


The Royal Seal of His Majesty the King is featured in the middle, topped by the Chakri Dynasty crest and the Royal Crown. A double-footed gold tray holds the Constitution, signifying the constitutional monarchy. Two white elephants flank and support the seal, each carrying a tiered royal umbrella. They signify the following:
  1. Elephants were royal carriers, symbolizing the loyal Thai subjects who serve their monarch.
  2. White elephants are, according to the old belief, the symbol of might, wisdom and prowess, befitting a great monarch.
  3. Elephants are national symbols, once portrayed on the national flag. They represent long life, comparable to the long history of the Thai nation.